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   But dont worry, 2B Creative will shoot all that sweet social media footage for you! We will even take it a step further. As we mention in the ''About us'' part of this page, we will form a team with exactly the media professionals your company and event requires. 2B Creative will send over the specific type of skill-set and expierience, that fits best for your specific event. 

   Well, you get the picture. You enjoy that hard earned party, we will be taking the pictures. 

   These days very true stands the modern saying: ''If there are no pictures, it didnt happen''. This is exactly the reason why 2B Creative offers its clients the service of full event coverage. Because, honestly, whats the point of spending those advertising and marketing millions on that international business conference, extreme sports event or a crazy festival that you paid to be named after your company, if the only people who will ever see all that effort are the ones who were there? In this modern era of social media, if its not on Facebook or Instagram, it never happened. 


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