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   For decades advertising, media and creative agencies have all followed the same principle. Hire better people than the other guy, that should make for better results. We at 2B Creative think, that this is a very un-creative way to embrace, while trying to succeed  in the ever changing world of advertising.  

   This is why 2B Creative is introducing a whole new concept in this business. We know, that this world is full of creative people. So why should we restrict our creativity to the minds of five, ten, twenty people that we have hired? So many ideas, so much creative content, so many next historical advertising masterpieces are left out and will never reach our client or the audience that way!

   So we introduce the concept of a freelance creative agency. Never heard of that one, huh? That’s right. 2B Creative is working with the best freelancers out there, the best of the best. These guys and girls are so good, they don’t need an employer to pay their bills. Our cameramen, photographers, project managers and designers have worked with some big names, like Ford, BMW, RedBull, Jagermeister (yeah, those last two go together quite good) and many more!

   By embracing this new concept 2B Creative can build a team, that is tailor-fitted to your specific needs. You need a racing advertisement? A snowboarding video? We will call the guys who work with RedBull to fly over and shoot it for you. You need to make that new product of yours look amazing in Forbes magazine? Our photographers have taken pictures of anything from Rolex watches to AirBaltic airplanes. Or maybe you need us to cover that annual international event you are organizing? Our project management has you covered.

   Long story short-2B Creative provides you with world class experience, expertise, know-how and professionalism, tailor fitted to the specific needs of your product. Lets put it this way. Even the best off-the-rack suit will never look as good as one tailored specially for you.

We, the people


Creative Lead & Head Project Director

I'm sure you have heard at least one of those ''we were in deep trouble, but we pulled through'' stories about project management. While being able to think on the spot is a valuable trait for a project manager to have, I believe those types of situations are a result of bad planing, could have been avoided all together and are nothing to be proud of. 

marcis liepins

Director of Photography

My favorite part of the whole filmmaking process is working with a fantastic cinematographer, a fantastic actor or actors, and then just creating emotions and stories. I get so excited by that. That's the part I'm utterly addicted to.


Chief Editor

Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many movies have been saved and many have been ruined in the editing room.


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